USA v. Ajaltouni, George, et al.
Cleveland, OH

Weapons Smuggling

Three indictments were unsealed in federal court in July 2022 detailing charges against three men, two formerly of Northeast Ohio, who are believed to be currently residing in Lebanon. Named in the indictments are George Nakhle Ajaltouni, formerly of North Olmsted; Jean Youssef Issa, of Batroun, Lebanon; and Nakhle "Mike" Nader, formerly of Cleveland. Ajaltouni and Issa are charged for their roles in a scheme to smuggle and illegally ship firearms from Cleveland to Lebanon. Nader is charged in a separate indictment with income tax evasion. Named in the third indictment unsealed in July 2022 is Nakhle "Mike" Nader. Nader is charged with four counts of income tax evasion related to various businesses he owned and operated in Cuyahoga County.The three indictments describe separate schemes, one involving Ajaltouni and Issa; one involving Ajaltouni alone; and the other solely concerning Nader. While the schemes are separate, it is believed that Ajaltouni and Nader are acquaintances and that the two men are currently residing near Batroun, Lebanon. The indictments were originally filed between 2016 - 2019, and efforts to apprehend Ajaltouni and Nader remain ongoing. Ajaltouni and Issa are officially charged with conspiracy to smuggle and illegally ship firearms, smuggling goods from the U.S., unlawful delivery of firearms to a common carrier, control of arms exports and imports and unlicensed dealing in firearms.