USA v. Ramic, Mirsad Hariz Adem
Bowling Green, KY


A federal court in Kentucky unsealed an indictment in December 2021 charging Mirsad Hariz Adem Ramic, a dual U.S.-Bosnian citizen, with providing material support to the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS). Ramic is also charged with conspiring to provide material support to ISIS and receiving military type training from ISIS. In June 2014, Ramic and two co-conspirators each departed the United States for Istanbul, Turkey in order to support ISIS. All three then purchased tickets with cash to fly to Gaziantep, Turkey, a city located near the border with Syria. From there, Ramic and the two co-conspirators crossed the Syrian border to join ISIS. After joining ISIS, Ramic attended an ISIS training camp where he received weapons and physical training and fired an AK-47. After joining ISIS, Ramic and his co-conspirators remained in contact with each other and discussed, among other things, Ramic's presence in Raqqa, Syria, and his use of an anti-aircraft weapon to shoot at planes. Ramic and his co-conspirators also discussed jihad, martyrdom and fighting for ISIS. After joining ISIS, one of Ramic's co-conspirators sent two e-mails to Western Kentucky University, stating that he had traveled to Syria to join ISIS and expressing his desire that ISIS conquer the United States.