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Spain and its Problems

Submitted by A R Thompson, Dec 16, 2010 16:49

Spain must be told, that it must pull up its socks,and start an undercover agency, so realistic with the odd bang or two, even it carries out an illusion to penetrate the net work of evilness for there is all ways collateral damage in this ongoing war on terrorism. Play the part ,and at there own game, if Possible Blow them up before they blow you up,life better that way.


The Center was in fact created

Submitted by FFS, Dec 16, 2010 14:22

A cable from the Madrid Embassy created Feb 8, 2010 and released Dec, 12, 2010, shows that tge center was created: "... presented his remarks on January 13 at the new US-Spain Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime Experts Working Group meeting..."



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