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Cordone needs to resign

Submitted by Michael Sykora, Apr 6, 2010 01:38

Cordone needs to resign


Is the commode commenting on the color of the bathtub?

Apr 5, 2010 16:48

Jihad as self-defense? If there is such a thing as "US/NATO Imperialism", does it not use precisely the same rationale as "Jihad in self-defense" - that of promoting higher standards of human rights? And yet one gets AI's 'violence pass' and the other doesn't. Just what qualifies one for this little permission slip? Do you have to make below a certain income level? Wear the proper clothing? Use the right terms ("Jihad good, Crusade bad")? Make the right friends? Declare the right enemies? Some codification might help smooth the path for future applicants for AI's vaunted Red Badge of Righteous Violence.


Fat chance of that!!!

Submitted by SOS, Apr 5, 2010 14:37

You forgot to put "APRIL FOOLS'" after that last sentence. I mean that's like asking water not to be wet!!


Thanks AI

Submitted by Misha, Apr 5, 2010 12:54

We must thank Amnesty for finally confirming that it is really an anti-American anti-Israel hate group and not a "human rights" group. AI has finally taken off the sheep's disguise and revealed itself as a tool of Islamonazi wolves and savages. Since Amnesty has allied itself with a Taliban thug who thinks that tossing acid into the face of Afghan schoolgirls is AOK, AI gangsters have no right to complain when the violence that they condone by their friends is turned against them.

If lefties want to play, then they must pay.


Stunning Admission of Triple Standards, and Hatred of the West

Submitted by Eric Roth, Apr 5, 2010 12:32

Thank you for sharing this invaluable, concise article that clears away layers of ambigious nonsense from Amnesty International.

It's simply stunning that AI would endorse jihad - an obscene, violent religious concept used for conquest and beheadings - to justify their support of bigoted terrorists. They clearly have joined the hard cultural left, and forgotten their roots in individual rights.

Yet I can't pretend to be shocked. I attended an Amnesty International event three years ago in Los Angeles at the Museum of Tolerance. The speaker was from Pakistan, and condemning acid attacks against young girls which is a huge human rights problem. Yet the speaker, educated at Berkeley, kept insisting this growing trend among Pakistani Muslims was an American import because of some obscure American novel in the 1970s. It was simply shocking. America - and the West - were somehow to blame for psychotic, violent acts of ignorant, usually illiterate peasants in Pakistan.

When I asked why she didn't frame her defense of individual and women's rights as universal rights that came from the West, (unlike throwing acid in the faces of young girls), she lectured me of my narrow Western prejudices. You could feel the crowd's negative energy. It was frightening. Later, several young people confronted me in the lobby for my imperialism. Think Alice in Wonderland - with a very disturbing twist.

At that point, I vowed to never give another dime to Amnesty Internation - and realized that their support for human rights was second to their ideological crusade against the United States. Naturally, I was very disappointed.

The situation in London seems much worse.


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Cordone needs to resign [4 words]

Michael Sykora 

Apr 6, 2010 01:38

Is the commode commenting on the color of the bathtub? [101 words]


Apr 5, 2010 16:48

Fat chance of that!!! [20 words]


Apr 5, 2010 14:37

Thanks AI [92 words]


Apr 5, 2010 12:54

Stunning Admission of Triple Standards, and Hatred of the West [270 words]

Eric Roth 

Apr 5, 2010 12:32

AI has fallen for the propaganda of the Soviet disinformation masters [509 words]


Apr 4, 2010 19:03

Why should we?!!! [58 words]


Apr 4, 2010 17:36

Rationalizing the Indefensible [64 words]

Karl Magnus 

Apr 4, 2010 09:29

jihad as self defense [69 words]


Apr 3, 2010 17:13

On the bright side... [21 words]

Robert Crawford 

Apr 3, 2010 12:04

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