Jeffrey Breinholt

Shortly after 9/11, Jeffrey Breinholt was appointed head of the Department of Justice's terrorist financing enforcement program, and helped found a special FBI unit devoted to U.S.-based fundraising by international terrorist organizations and managed a team of financial prosecutors within the Counterterrorism Section dedicated to prosecuting material support crimes. In 2003, he was honored with the Attorney General's Award for Excellence in Furthering the Interests of U.S. National Security, for his work in crafting creative legal theories that resulted in the initiation of several important prosecutions in the aftermath of 9/11.

Breinholt served a one-year assignment from the Department of Justice, National Security Division as a Senior Fellow and Director of National Security Law at the International Assessment and Strategy Center.

Writings by Jeffrey Breinholt

Title Publication Date
A Modest Prediction Counterterrorism Blog August 29, 2007
A Review of Doug Farah and Steve Braun's New Book Counterterrorism Blog August 3, 2007