Writings by A.J. Caschetta

Title Publication Date
George Washington University Still Has an Anti-Semitism Problem Special to IPT News August 23, 2023
Middle East Studies Association Expelled from George Washington University Special to IPT News July 24, 2023
John Esposito, Part 2: Palestinian Terrorism's Best Friend Special to IPT News July 13, 2023
John Esposito, Part 1: A Terrorist's Best Friend Special to IPT News July 11, 2023
Evasive, Late, and Confused State Department Report Finally Released Special to IPT News March 6, 2023
Who Will Celebrate World Hijab Day This Year? Special to IPT News January 24, 2023
CAIR's Media Enablers National Review February 11, 2022
Media Attack Investigative Reporter for Investigating and Reporting on CAIR National Review January 29, 2022