Islamic Eductation Center of Houston
Houston, TX

Iranian Terror

On November 12, 2009, the Justice Department announced an amended civil forfeiture complaint against the Alavi Foundation that has served as a front for Iran's financing of terrorism. The government's action, undertaken under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, seeks forfeiture of more than $500 million in assets, including: A 36 story office tower located at 650 Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan known as the Piaget building; Imam Ali Mosque in New York; The Islamic Center of Houston in Texas; The Islamic Center of Potomac in Maryland; The Qoba Foundation of Carmichael in California; All other assets of the Alavi Foundation and ASSA Corporation, including bank accounts and property in Virginia.

The Alavi-owned Islamic Education Center of Houston has featured its own support for Iran. In a speech for the "Anniversary of the Islamic Revolution" of 1979, speaker Ghulam Hur Shabbiri prays for the victory of Islam all over the world: "This is just an opening. May Allah (swt) bless us all and forgive all sins of all life. And may Allah (swt) give Islami-Inqilab [Islamic Revolution] victory in [sic] all over the world. And may Allah give us UI that we may make this Inqilab [revolution] successful and we can join with the Imam of the age... to have a complete victory in the world and Islam, then Islam is going to be a ruling authority in the whole world and we can see the flag of Islam in the top places in this world."[1]

See also: US v. Assa Corp., et al.

[1] "Treasury, Justice Target Iranian Regime Assets," IPT News, November 13, 2009,