"United for Al-Quds" Conference
Santa Clara, CA


On May 29, 1999, American Muslims for Jerusalem hosted a conference titled "United for Al-Quds" in Santa Clara, California. The conference hosted several radical speakers who alleged the eradication of the Islamic Caliphate was the result of a Zionist and Western conspiracy and called for restoring the "Islamic face of Al-Quds" mosque in Jerusalem. Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) was the keynote speaker at the event. In his speech, Islam said: "So, now we can see why the Jews were punished so severely, due to their disobedience. And, we can see, by the time of (Daoud, i.e. King David), how he, they were cursed, because of their lack of obedience." The conference was sponsored by leading Islamist groups in the U.S., including the Hamas-linked Holy Land Foundation.