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God bless you Mr. Emerson & God bless America

Submitted by joel Cohen, Israel, Jan 8, 2009 21:35

Finally the truth is being heard!

Shame on the 'NY Times' and others Misplacing the facts & criticizing Israel.

I watch world news & I hear the voices against us Israelis mainly from Europe & I just don't understand! What do they expect us to do exactly? Send them flowers for their 'stubborn efforts' to kill innocent civilians?!

Israel acts Just like any normal & sane democratic country would act under the circumstantiates (perhaps years sooner), Mainly targeting the Hamas infrastructure in order to prevent it from blowing ordinary citizens on a daily basis.

I would like to know what the 'Times' or it's ideology doubles in the European press would say if Oslo-London-Paris or any other city around the world would have been bombarded 24\7 & forced its citizens to live in fear & run to a shelter every couple of minutes.

Thank you Mr. Emerson for presenting things as they truly are, God bless you & God bless the USA.

All the best,

Joel Cohen, Israel


Two Points

Submitted by Alex, Jan 6, 2009 21:08

Two things occur to me after reading this post:

First, terrorism works. Despite all the talk about liberals at the New York Times being so averse to the use of force, I do not remember them calling Hamas anything but "terrorists" until a few years into the second intifada when Hamas suicide bombings became ubiquitous.

Second, Israel is very much the center of the War on Terror. The reluctance of the Times to call the Mumbai attackers "terrorists" would have been less likely if Israel's terrorist enemies were not first treated with morally equivocal language.

The upside of these two points is that Israel can win favor with the media and embolden others to assert a stronger response to terrorism by getting back to fighting terrorism itself. I hope.


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