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obma and his 'silence' on the hamas-israeli conflict

Submitted by venango, Jan 9, 2009 18:24

President elect spins like a top when it rotates around the economic problem, does not duck this issue by claiming 'there is only one president." But when faced with Hamas- Israel conflict, has nothing to say about it and suddenly becomes patriotic and defers to the 'there is only one president' alibi. So then, when will the real Obama's transparent being emerge from the smoke?


Phares and Farah are excellent

Submitted by Beth George, Dec 25, 2008 10:26

Thanks for this excellent duo. Farah is a great Terrorism analyst and investigator. His tracking of criminal-Terror relations is well rounded. Walid Phares is a top strategic thinker in the US. We are lucky to have him helping the public, the Government and the media understand the depth of threat.


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