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Submitted by Jeffrey Jackson, Aug 15, 2008 12:24

It is very sad to see women being treated this way by one of our closest allies. I dis-agree with the statement that the government should do something. It is up to us as US citizens to make it clear by stop purchasing products from companies supporting the Saudi Arabian government. You can find those companies online by typing "Companies in Saudi Arabia" in the search.

I feel that instead of Iraq, we should have been occupying Saudi Arabia, and turning that into a democratic society. I believe only then will the terrist stop. I found that it is not only the US government, but the customers of America that support terrism and these type of governments by purchasing billions of dollars in gas. So, when we are placing blame, we as customers shared that responsibility of letting the Saudi Arabian government continue to allow the slave trade and mis-treatment of females from around the world. We the gas & oil customers are the ones giving them the money to pay our government off.



Submitted by Jan, Aug 8, 2008 21:01

Salam Ali Alyami,

My apologies, it is specifically Saudi Arabia and not the United Arab Emirates. It was thoughtless of me, however well intentioned, and shows a proclivity for a generalization that isn't true.

I had family in Abu Dhabi(one of the UAE), and once, when the taxi my female cousin was in, was involved in an accident the driver told her to 'get out! Hurry, and get out!' Apparently the accident would have been her fault, for having wanted the taxi that was involved in the first place! She was fortunate, so I hear..........and that man, by making her leave, actually saved her from being punished..........this was in the late 1970's.

Thank you for referring me to the CDHR.
Thank you for your ongoing and most excellent work,


Re: "Shame, Shame, Shame,"

Submitted by Ali Alyami, Aug 8, 2008 17:10


The country is Saudi Arabia, not UAE.

Coddling tyrannical rulers (for any reason) will keep chipping at our democratic and humane values that make this nation the envy of the world, including the sadists who want to harm America. We could lose the things that make us the nation of tolerance, innovation and a fortress of individual initiatives, liberty and dignity.

Anyone who wishes to support Saudi women's rights as full human beings could work with CDHR's efforts to rally continuing support for the Saudi women until they are totally free from slavery and Apartheid-like existence. Liberating Saudi women will contribute immensely to the liberation of Muslim women worldwide and is in the best interest of our endangered civilization. Contact CDHR for more information and or send this article to every woman in Congress, corporate offices, civil liberties and human right groups. We cannot be free or safe if people who could make a huge difference are prevented from helping to save the world, for generations to come. Winning the war against Islamist deadly ideology starts in Saudi Arabia. Free and empowered Saudi women can lead the way in these formidable efforts.


Shame, Shame, Shame

Submitted by Jan, Aug 8, 2008 16:08

I think it is sad the only reason we, the USA, won't speak up is for fear of losing our supply of oil or rocking the political boat. I don't believe the UAE supplies the USA with anything except oil.........

It wouldn't be a problem for me to tell any person who was oppressing me to eff-off, but I have the good fortune to have been born in the US. If I knew of a woman in a situation where she wasn't being allowed to drive, go to a doctor's appointment, or even RUN I would stick my neck out there, open my mouth, and hope she sees she doesn't have to live like that....in the USA....If I were in such a controlled situation as the UAE I would likely be dead for refusal to (fill in the blank).

But what can we, as individuals, do?

What statement can we, as individuals, make regarding UAE, the Olympic Committee, or the UAE's participation in the 2008 Olympics?

Will writing a letter matter at this point? Maybe it will be reflected in the 2010 Olympics, but I don't think it will help for the 2008 Olympics...........

Can we sue the Olympic Committee for failure to follow their own guidelines? For failure to follow their own rules? Can we make a class action type suit out of this?

If we could, and they felt they were being hit in the pocketbook, would they, the Olympic Committee, act faster? Obviously quality of life isn't going to make them act swiftly............but if their pocketbook was being legitimately tapped? Maybe they wouldn't be so complacent?

I would certainly sign any petition made available to start a class action suit.............and if I knew how I would start it myself!

Cheers and Good Wishes,


Human Rights Violations

Submitted by Stephen Miller, Aug 8, 2008 16:04

What about the way they treat our own military personnel stationed in Saudi Arabia? We refused to deal with China because of their civil rights program, yet we continue to deal with as you have indicated in the article, a country that is probably worse than anything that may have existed in China. We must do something to keep us from continuing to be hostages to the oil that is produced in that region.


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Jeffrey Jackson 

Aug 15, 2008 12:24

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Aug 8, 2008 21:01

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Ali Alyami 

Aug 8, 2008 17:10

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Stephen Miller 

Aug 8, 2008 16:04

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Muslims Against Sharia 

Aug 8, 2008 11:45

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