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Is it terrrorism only when white folks die?

Submitted by kalpak dabir, Sep 3, 2016 15:36

When terrorists from Pakistan attack India, they are called rebels by the western press. Pakistan is getting billions ostenably to fight terrorists. It is simply diverting this money to finance terrorism, particularly aimed at India, under the guise of Kashmir issue. What will Europe and the US do once India disintergrates under this onslaught?



Submitted by Michael Dable, Sep 2, 2016 07:19

Words on top of words, nonsense after nonsense, yet the solution is so very simple.

You wish to come and live in our country? If your application fits the requirements we seek,then you are admitted. However you will obey all our laws, failure to do so will result in IMMEDIATE return to the country you have left.


I hope they train their own imams, from now on

Submitted by Liz Wagner, Sep 1, 2016 19:47

Even if they have to rely on Saudi or other foreign funding to build mosques, I hope the Europeans will at least find a way to have European-trained and -identified imams running the mosques.


This will continue so long as the Left insists the threat is negligible

Submitted by Ron, Sep 1, 2016 16:41

The latest talking point emanating from the DNC is that terror is not an existential threat for the US. Thus, all these solutions--disrupting the tenets on which democracies are built--are seen coldly as an attempt by the Right to gain control and destroy our cherished freedoms.


Europe Awakens and Americans Right Behind

Submitted by Yadja, Aug 31, 2016 13:44

This man Obama has brought over 100,000 of these people a year to America. When warned this year to stop this flow he went ahead and brought another 10,000 and will continue til Americans can get him out of our WH. Out of that 10,000 Obama brought only 52 Christians the bulk always Muslims and the UN has even said there is a Christian Genocide going on but he doesn't care.

The American people are sick and tired of a rogue president putting our lives in danger and this is why Trump so popular. I watched Europe as these thousands of men, 75% ran into Europe from the start and I knew something wold give. Good for Europe now pray for America.


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