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Great article.

Aug 18, 2016 18:18

I for one am very glad to read this. I have a few friends from the ME good to know (even though Ive heard this) that there is not all hate for Israel Ive been friends with Lebanese,African,Syrian,Egyptians,Iraqis,Iranians. People are people. Grew up around ME peoples during Iranian Crisis wasn't a good time at school but, WE are making progress and I don't have stockholm syndrome. Have to admit that those school days did make a mark on my life. Good to know as a people, as a human being WE ARE BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS.. Maybe I would not feel the same if I lived in Israel. I don't know.


Pro-Israel Moslems & Arabs

Submitted by Shirl In Oz, Aug 15, 2016 18:23

Noah, thank you very much for this and I have reposted it on my website. http://jewsdownunder.com/

I have a fair number of Pro-Israel Moslem & Arab friends. I recently became friendly, and am in conversation with, a guy in Kuwait. He sent me links to pro-Israel articles written in the Kuwati media. He tells me many people in Kuwait see no problem with Israel.

I have another in Saudi Arabia, who subscribes to my website.

Only last week I added a Lebanese guy in Australia, who made a beautiful comment on a Jewish Community FB page.

I used to think all Muslims and Arabs were 'bad' and now I see otherwise.

NO, I am not a leftist, in fact I am very right-wing.


Great article, but you should include more Muslims

Submitted by Your Friendly Neighborhood Muslim Zionist, Aug 14, 2016 15:34

A lot of these people aren't Muslims as the title would have us believe. You should include practicing Muslims like Noor Dahri, Nadiya Al-Noor, Bassem Eid, Ashraf Sherjan, Amine Ayoub, and Kasim Hafeez, to name a few.


Enough with the Jewish Non Muslim 'Stockholm Syndrome'!

Submitted by Kikker Land, Aug 12, 2016 18:42

Why are Jews always the ones supporting and lauding Muslims because they claim to like them? Last time I looked the definition of Zionism was;

"...a nationalist political movement of Jews and Jewish culture that supports the re-establishment of a Jewish homeland in the territory defined as the historic Land of Israel..."

To call Muslims Zionists is an oxymoron. For them to call themselves that is a perverse attempt to ingratiate themselves with non Muslims and appeal to them for financial aid and succor.

That Haneen Zoabi's cousin "found refuge" with Kay Wilson, a survivor of a brutal Muslim jihad attack in which her friend was hacked to death only proves how pathologically perverse this "Muslim Zionist" manifestation of the Stockholm Syndrome is.

There's something inherently twisted for Jews and non Muslims to protect and support Muslims who publicly proclaim they have had a halal epiphany and begin a slobbering love affair with their self proclaimed "ex" enemies.

It's time Jews and non Muslims stopped their unconditional love in return and rewarding Muslims for the simple fact that they say that Jews have a right to exist!

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Excellent Overview of Pro-Israel Moslems & Arabs

Submitted by Brenne Meirowitz, Aug 12, 2016 12:45

Thank you for publishing this article. It is unfortunate that articles and news such as this does not penetrate the 'glass ceiling' of the giant media outlets in America and abroad.


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