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Israel, Arabia, and the Holocaust

Submitted by Gerry Porter, Ottawa, Jul 23, 2016 17:09

Arab Muslims have watched in anguished consternation as Israeli ingenuity and resourcefulness created a successful, wealthy, democratic nation smack dab in their midst, and promptly rose to the top levels of global science and technology. However, even as Israel accomplished, Arabia languished.

One might be forgiven if one suspects that Arabs suffer somewhat from a sense of inferiority. It would explain why Arabs recast the holocaust; their self-esteem needs a boost.

But for their unearned oil wealth, Arab Muslims would still be living in tents and herding goats and camels.


Suppression CAUSES Terrorism

Submitted by Jett Rucker, Jul 23, 2016 11:11

When you forcibly deny people from expressing their antipathies, well-founded or otherwise, you relegate them to other means of getting their point across - AK-47s, for example.

Man up! Let them froth, expound, propound, and say all manner of other terrible and frightening things. These are as nothing compared to the pock-pock-pock of REAL BULLETS.

Escalation stops with the wise. BE wise. You (and we) will live longer. Yes, THEY will, too. Maybe even long enough to gain some wisdom.


Punishment For inciting and false information leading to antisemitism.

Submitted by EC, Jul 22, 2016 21:20

First advertising from all government agencies in this trash of papers must be stopped at once, including the one from the Ontario Government.

Heavy penalties must be exacted, including lengthy court debates.

The fact that the editor is filled with hate is a given, thus his positioning as a newspaper man must be challenged.


Holocaust denial,

Submitted by Nancy, Jul 22, 2016 20:01

I am not Jewish but I also feel this article and any like it are derogatory and insulting to the Jewish nation; as well as to all of humanity. I am Native American and the annihilation of the Natives has always been the government's agenda to take over the land that Natives are entitled to by birth right. I have been aware since the 90s that the American government has had the intentions of rewriting history to obliterate the truthful facts as they really happened. I have been attempting to encourage people to read as much as possible before this actually happens. I have the intentions to purchase as many books as possible before they are no longer available to be purchased.


Holocaust denial is political

Submitted by Amar Yllis, Jul 22, 2016 19:17

We all should realize that Muslim Holocaust denial is political. Islam cannot tolerate the presence of an Infidel state in the Middle East. Islam is about submission. The entire Muslim Conquest was about causing humiliation to non-Muslim populations under their control. Every Infidel had to follow rules that required him to be submissive to every Muslim in every conceivable way. See The Myth of the Andalusian Paradise.

Imagine their horror at finding an Infidel state in their midst that they cannot humiliate.

When the Holocaust proved that Jews needed a homeland of their own to protect themselves from the majority religions to which they had been subjected since they lost their own nation-state, Israel was approved by the UN.

So naturally Holocaust denial is important to political deniers.


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Gerry Porter, Ottawa 

Jul 23, 2016 17:09

Suppression CAUSES Terrorism [80 words]

Jett Rucker 

Jul 23, 2016 11:11

Punishment For inciting and false information leading to antisemitism. [54 words]


Jul 22, 2016 21:20

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Jul 22, 2016 20:01

Holocaust denial is political [128 words]

Amar Yllis 

Jul 22, 2016 19:17

Holocaust [85 words]


Jul 22, 2016 15:35

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