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New Military Strategies to Meet Terrorist Aggression

Submitted by Yaakov, Jul 14, 2016 21:51

No matter what course of action we take to protect ourselves we are going to be villified by the worldwide Network of Leftists who will paint a non-existent picture critiqued and validated by the UN or should I say the League of Nations resurrected and the Parliament of the New Europe the EU that truly is the Courts of Old Europe dressed in New Clothes calling themselves by a new name. The IDF and SHABAK must make Military and intelligence decisions based on experience and military science not Political Correctness or International Relations. It's noteworthy that sice the American led coalition Air Campaign against ISIS there isn't night videos of civilians , women and babies being killed in Air Strikes. Does anyone believe that women and babies are not being killed in Air Strikes? Then cometh the Russian AirForce. How many believe every strike struck only military assets? So for Israel there may be a lesson in all of this picture. MediaPropaganda both print and video is a form of warfare as powerful as any Tank Battalion. What the Russians, Americans the Coalition did in Syria/Iraq and the Frenchdid in Mali to quell the Press without an uproar; We need to be doing the same. Yes we are a Democracy but one that is at an existential war.


Is it just me..

Submitted by christy Golden, Jul 13, 2016 08:27

Is it just me, or does it seem like terrorist attacks against Israel appear to have increased since the Obama administration came into office...particularly during his second term? I think Obamas' coldness towards Israel has emboldened terrorist groups like ISIS.

I personally think Israels' policies towarsd PAlestine have gotten a lot better in recent years, and I think it behooves the PAlestinians to do their utmost in preventing what they can of attacks against Israel. I think the area based policy is a good idea as it further shows the "ordinary Palestinian " that their conditions improve when attacks against Israel diminish, giving them motivation to form networks of their...that can "Take care of their own"/take are of jihadists in order for them to have better conditions...and perhaps form a legitimate political party to run the West Bank and Gaza - Hamas obviously not included. I also think that Israels' new policy and improvement in the West Bank will help show the world that indeed Israel is not prejudiced towards the Palestinians, and is not trying to commit genocide against them.

Further note : I didn't realize just how many PAlestinians there are - 700k in Hebron area alone? Amazing.


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