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Officials claimed they had got it?!

Submitted by Jon MC, Jun 9, 2016 08:55

" officials assured the Western world: we've got this. There will be no jihadists among them;"

Funnily enough I don't remember any official saying anything remotely like that, but perhaps the U.K. media did not report it being far to busy hysterically emoting over the plight of the "poor starving destitute refugees".

The fact that they were not:

A. poor - most seemed to have the latest iphone and nice jeans, had paid $1000s for their passage does not seem to suggest abject poverty.

B. starving - quite a number threw away food that was offered either because they weren't certain it was Halal or because they didn't like it, and

C. destitute - see A and the truly destitute are unlikely to have baggage that is a "challenge" to inspect.

Anyone in the U.K. who suggested that maybe ISIL terrorists were amongst them because ISIL had stated it would infiltrate "4000 mujahideen" was drowned out by the reportage at best or howled down as an Islamophobic, racist bigot at worst.

So my response to the notion that "officialdom" even recognised the possibility, never mind the inevitability of Jihadist infiltration (as proven by information coming to light after Paris/Brussels) is "I wish!".


Europeans are Fighting Back Against Refugees

Submitted by Yadja, Jun 8, 2016 17:39

Last month Germany had over 74,000 criminal acts by refugees. Last month Europe suffered over 1000 rapes by refugees. 75% of the refugees are men. Slavic countries won't take them. Many countries deporting them in huge numbers now. Britain thinking of leaving the EU. Europeans are fighting back, burning out Muslims and Americans are sick of Obama and the Left.

Trump will win overwhelmingly.


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