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understanding the fantasy of certitude

Submitted by g man of the 21st century, Jun 3, 2016 20:47

Teach that faith and/or believing is not actual knowing. No one has ever proven or didproven s God. All the different gods man has Faith in don;t add up to being the real God. Illustrating that no religion has KNOWLEDGE of the of they believe in. Just study and discuss the laws that is attributed to being handed down. Then wonder why any God needs a book when all he has to do is putthem in your brain. This is jus a few ideas to teach in schools certifide to teach.


appointment of judges

Submitted by Jack Rainbow, Jun 3, 2016 01:46

ah, yes, Obama appointed progressive judges who support the fantasy of 'moderate' Islam. Trump will appoint judges who perceive Islam as it actually is - an ideology driven by its book of hate speech, the Koran.


Until all are forced to admit, islam is the problem , not extremist, this will grow

Submitted by Mindy, Jun 2, 2016 21:58

What we see happening is happening because islam dictates it. I'm amazed, 1400+ years history of islam and it's followers, using war and invasion techniques that are taught to them in the book from hell, the quran and still "extremists" are blamed , not islam. The time will come that the truth is finally embraced by all non islamic nations, I just hope it isn't too late. What comes next is that when their numbers are high enough in a host nation to undertake a full scale war, they will attack. This isn't a theory, it's a fact, one only need look at the history of muslims as they invade. But, by all means, continue on with the 'extremist' theory, in the end, all will regret this foolishness.


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