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criticism of Islam

Submitted by Rosaline Costa, Jun 4, 2016 01:54

Islam is considered to be "untouchable" by the Muslims all over the world. It may be because they don't have any moral education or moral life in their personal life. Islam gives the most immoral education because they can marry small children, can have child porn, can have four wives, can kill people without any human feeling and assault people of other faiths without any conscious.

West never understand the life of Muslims and that is why they receive, accommodate and gives all facilities as immigrants to all Muslims.


Petition please

Submitted by Edmond Richter, May 27, 2016 03:05

When are you launching a petition for Ebru Umar???????????


Wake up

Submitted by Dwight, May 26, 2016 19:35

The West will never wake up until Islamic violence in their own countries becomes so egregious that even the politically correct fools will no longer hold sway - read Ayan Hirsi Ali - Islam is a religion of violence, murder and misogyny. Muslims can't even get along with each other


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