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You go first

Submitted by Mongoose, Apr 16, 2016 16:24

And we have been putting up with your murderous ways for 1400 years.

Since you and your islamic violence are the senior members (through time on job) maybe you should take the lead and stop your killing and hate first.


And will you call for compensation for property seized from Jews by arab nations?

They surely don't want right of return, that would mean death.

Still not sure how anyone thinks that they can negotiate with someone (like you) who says they have no right to exist.


"others would have sunk into despair and frustration"

Submitted by ron, Apr 6, 2016 13:30

No, others --certainly by now--would have renounced their goal of ultimately destroying the occupying state, because it is patently obvious to any unbiased observer that until the Palestinians do that, the occupying state would be suicidal to assist them in creating a state from which they could operate to bring about their former occupier's destruction.

This is logic 101, but the Palestinians majored instead in Islamism 101.


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