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I agree with Jack

Submitted by Joan C., Apr 12, 2016 11:49

With the most popular name of babies in the UK, being Mohummend.... you might as well say their country is gone. And yes, I agree with everything Jack said above, ESPECIALLY the last statement. Terror will continue to grow in the UK!

So sad to watch a country lose their identity. Every country is going to be taken over, with no one stepping up to stop this ONE and ONLY "convert or die", evil, satanic, "religion". My country is dying too, so sad to watch, with no one to help.


The Koran itself must be challenged

Submitted by Jack Rainbow, Apr 2, 2016 07:58

The British government has consistently failed to address the issue of Muslim radicalisation. Just as it failed to deal with rape of English females by Muslim gangs until the growing clamour forced it to make the usual weak statements acknowledging the problem. The reason is that it is not possible to successfully challenge and deal with radical Muslims without compromising the Progressive beliefs held by the majority of MPs, the majority of the media and many others holding positions of trust and responsibility in Britain. For one thing, EU membership forbids expulsion of radical Muslims from the UK. Successfully challenging extremism would mean publicly challenging the wording of the relevant verses of violence in the Koran and such a challenge would immediately give rise to screams of "racism" and "far right propaganda". No effective action will be taken against Muslim hate speech and Anglophobia, Terror will continue to grow in the UK.


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