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Submitted by Nicholas, Jan 24, 2017 19:19

May I ask why the Boston bombing, Paris bombing, the Charlie Hebdo attack and the Orlando shooting were not shown in the maps of places that were attacked? I would like to thank everyone who worked to get this information, but it seems to be lacking some information.


Don't Say This

Submitted by Joan C., Apr 12, 2016 12:06

This worst thing I can read in an article, is that we're losing the fight. It's nice to informed of the statistics, but let's give these articles a little upbeat, when talking about this evil? I wouldn't want an islamic "person" to see those words, and pass them around, happily. Let's not give them the satisfaction of knowing whether their winning or not. Besides, they have to see that they are winning anyway, when their taking over all the land that our sons and daughters died for, in Iraq and Afghanistan. Of course, I still don't understand what either one of these countries had to do with 9/11...but that's just me, and I'm furious over it!


Why the statistics may not include Israel

Submitted by Al, Apr 2, 2016 23:05

If you peruse the Hamas Charter of the PLO Charter, it is perfectly clear that the attacks on Israel emanate from the same belief system as do the jihadi attacks worldwide, and growing. But if you wish to deny that political fact, you pretend that Israel is a different situation entirely.

So even though the Hamas Charter explains fully in their Eleventh Article why their goal is the obliteration of Israel, which goal, they say there, is based on Islam, and even though all the jihadi attackers say they based their terror attacks on Islam (or, at the very least, we may assume this since they all yell Allah Akbar while murdering innocent Infidels) the Palestinian propaganda machine appears to be powerful enough to have convinced even university researchers compiling such statistics that the war between Palestine and Israel is based on something other than the tenets of Islam which they say provide that the ultimate goal of Islam is to convert and submit Infidels across the globe to Islam and Sharia law.


Perhaps someone should call and inquire

Submitted by Ron, Apr 2, 2016 21:42

Why not telephone the University of Maryland and ask why Israel is never included in these stats?


Why Isn't Israel Included At All?

Submitted by Liz, Mar 30, 2016 21:32

Perhaps ITP has some insight on why Israel isn't included in this analysis. Does www.start.umd.edu research, analyze or monitor terrorism against Israelis?

To my best recollection, the Executive Branch never includes Israel when it discusses terrorism. I can't recall a president ever having made a speech, or offered remarks, on the subject of terrorism and included Israel among the countries most affected by it. In fact, I've always wondered if it would be possible to research presidential speeches to confirm my belief that anti-Israel terror is always treated as if it doesn't belong in the same discussion of terror elsewhere on the planet.


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Mar 28, 2016 23:01

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Mar 28, 2016 19:29

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