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congrats to Emerson, Ware and the UK for exposing the Muslim Brotherhood

Submitted by John J. Loftus, Mar 2, 2016 16:21

What a debt we all owe to Steve Emerson and the Investigative Project on Terrorism for bringing us such excellent articles as John Ware's piece on the Muslim Brotherhood in the United Kingdom. Here is a clear and cogent explanation of the hypocrisy and contradictions that these con men have used to confuse the media. No hysteria, no hyperbole, just facts speaking for themselves. I once helped host a fundraiser for Steve in Florida. As soon as I am recovered from surgeries, I intend to do so again. Well done to Mr. Ware as well. The UK did a splendid job in laying out the case against the MB as a terrorist front.

Now will somebody tell me why the US Justice Department still refuses to list the MB as a terrorist organization? Could it be that Eisenhower's Attorney General gave permanent sanctuary to the Brotherhood's leadership under the 100 Persons A Year Act for intelligence recruits? Yes, I read all the secret files when I was at Justice HQ in Washington. Ike's GOP gave permanent, irrevocable citizenship to Arab terrorists as part of their juvenile plan to recruit the Muslim Brotherhood as a proxy army for our oil companies. Sooner or later, the AG's dirty documents will have to be declassified. We live in an age of documents. There are no more secrets, only deferred disclosures.

John Loftus was a Federal Prosecutor at Criminal Division HQ in Washington and spent several years as a GS-13 Supervisory Trial Attorney at the Office of Special Investigations. Loftus' expose of Nazis working for US intelligence won the 1980 Emmy Award for Mike Wallace, and forced a Congressional inquiry. He was the first Irish Catholic President of the Florida Holocaust Museum.


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