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Disallow Sharia Law or any part of ISIS in America

Submitted by Maggie Jones, Feb 12, 2016 09:09

I cannot believe America could become part of such horror or that the United States would allow such intolerable thought patterns from a President as is coming from the Nations Capital. It is coming to a time when; if the people do not take steps to regain control of this country we may lose it to Sharia Laws that will take us to a place in history that we will not recover from. Seeing the way that ISIS has destroyed other places we should be marching on Washington; in force, to retake the Capital. It is apparent that there are too few true leaders in our Government Offices and it is time that the people make their power known once more!!


Life under isis

Submitted by William Bock, Feb 4, 2016 20:56

I find it extremely disturbing that ISIS is a byproduct of Islam and our president Barack Hussein Obama embraces Islam and supports it's expansion in the U.S. Why would any civilized human want to live under Islamic law? They are obviously delusional just like Obama.


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