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The Nazi Holocaust against the Jews of Europe

Submitted by Rolbert Arthur Gillis, Jan 30, 2016 22:44

!!! - The asserted Statement rendered above By William Brock, is the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth! I was a Grade School Child at the time wwII began, and many of my friends and neighbors' Sons and Daughters, - most of Second Generation European extraction, enlisted in the Canadian Army, Navy and Airforce to join Great Britain to go to War, in 1939! Very many of them, never returned, having fallen battle against the Huns in Europe! I also had close relatives who were present at several of the Internment Camps in Germany and Poland, after the war, liberating Survivors from those Camps! In current times, it is appalling how far and grotesquely the 'biased' media rehash of the basic facts of the Holocaust have been 'deliberately' distorted! General Dwight D. Eisenhower himself, ordered that pictures and Documentations of what was factually witnessed, to ensure that the Truth following the War, would retain at 'least' partial semblance to the Truth, since Human nature clearly and indisputably always favours sensationalized untruths to pertinent facts!"


You Cab't Win a War of Words by Being Always on the Defense

Submitted by Maven7, Jan 29, 2016 23:27

The problem is that for over a half century Arabs have been on the attack, distorting, ignoring or inverting history, and indulging in unspeakable chutzpa in doing so. Defenders of Israel, on the other hand, do not take the initiative when it comes to telling their side of the story. At best they limit themselves to correcting individual Arab distortions and falsehoods. Sometimes not even that. But it was Lincoln, I believe, who said that a lie is half way around the world by the time the truth gets its boots on. So in a war of words and ideas, the same as in a war of weapons, you can't win by equipping your army only with shields. The Israelis have been grossly deficient in telling their story. So it's no wonder they are losing the war of words, even if they have been victorious in all military wars. Aren't they supposed to be smart? Evidently not on this subject.


Nazi genocide against Jews

Submitted by William Bock, Jan 29, 2016 14:37

My Father is a American veteran of world war 2. He was there during the liberation of the German concentration camps. He was around 18 at that time and witnessed with his own eyes the horrific conditions jews endured under Hitler! This Iranian leader Ayatollah Khamenei is ignorant, because he was not there to witness the atrocities! I trust my Dad and he would not lie about or fabricate something like that!


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