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Is this for real?

Submitted by Scott, Dec 16, 2015 02:43


I'm up late tonight after going over parts of the Black Flags from Rome and I was wondering if the ebook should even be on the internet?

I'm very upset now, but I found you after I read it. I was just seeing if this was actually real and it is.




Find the cells, exterminate them

Submitted by Edward Cline, Dec 3, 2015 23:57

If all this is true -- and I have no doubt it is -- the West, and in particular the European governments, should pinpoint these cells and exterminate them, mercilessly, and take no prisoners. The terrorists don't. Shovel it right back at them. Go into the "no go" zones with tanks, if necessary. To paraphrase Rahm Emanuel, Obama's former adviser, if they bring a knife to the fight, you go to it with pump-action shot guns and obliterate the terrorists.. ISIS should be bombed out of existence.


Standing with you

Submitted by Martina Mashatt, Dec 2, 2015 16:05

We are praying and standing firm.


Stay the course

Submitted by Mary Myers, Dec 2, 2015 14:38

I stand with Brigitte Gabrielle!


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