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Submitted by Janne F., Nov 19, 2015 03:35

I live in sweden. I used to be a patriot, I used to be proud of my country and feel privileged to live in such a secure and beautiful country. The last years I have seen more and more antisemitic statements from our top politicans, our media is anti the swedish culture but praise islam. We build more and more mosque's. We recognize palestine as a country, our "political correct" media calls our flag racist. We have feminist political parties (Feministiskt Initiativ) that are againts swedish men. But they are not really feminist because if they were, then they would support equal rights, not just for women. They want to opress swedish men. We let in thousands of immigrants every day that ruin our country and if you don't belive me, look up which country in the world that have the second most rapes per capita in the world. And when did that start? I'll tell you, when we started let in limitless with middle eastern immigrants. It is a sad reality that we face every day. We got ghettos full of islamic middle eastern people and the cops are afraid to go there, paramedics have to have multiple police backup because the immigrants throw stones at them and attack them. We got politicians who wants Isis members to get welfare and beat the queue of other people. I'm telling you the truth, just look up Gustav fridolin and Jonas sjostedt. Our own prime minister Stefan lofven is antisemitic. We throw billions of dollars on muslim anti swedish immigrants, they set cars on fire and fills up our prisons to the limits. I am not a racist. I have no problem with people from other countrys, My best friend is from the middle east but he is catholic and he is starting to get worried about our countrys condition. It reminds him to much of what he had to escape from. I'm no longer proud to be swedish, and I am no longer a patriot. I'm ashamed to be swedish now.


Dead Head

Submitted by Michael Fox, Nov 16, 2015 16:50

Sweden's Foreign Minister, Margot Wallstrom obviously is not a history scholar. Sloppy and lazy, she trots out the easy target for blame in Islam's inability to to be a productive element in humanities attempt to evolve to a higher consciousness. When all else fails, blame the Jews. From its very beginnings,Islam has not only been at war with most all who are not Muslim, they have been at war with themselves as well. Ignorance and intolerance is its mission statement. A life of misery, poverty and squalor is the end result for the masses. Is is any wonder why so many put such little value on their lives or the lives of their children.


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