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Loretta Lynch is a spineless ignorant puppet for the Obamanation Administration.

Submitted by Margaret, Oct 17, 2015 10:31

Loretta Lynch is a spineless ignorant puppet for the Obamanation Administration. I appreciate what Wolf is trying to do but I am afraid that the politically correct and ignorant librals who have most of the power politically will just lead this nation and the world into the abyss of Islam. It will take the Republican party to help turn around the direction of playing in to the hands of Islam. I plan on voting Republican even though I am a centrist.


Never to take stand'

Submitted by Ben Dover, Oct 10, 2015 18:31

America trained funded and supplied alkida' to fight the russians, now America has done the same making isis' oh ya believe it, pictures of mccain and grahm with isis leaders just before, this was to destablize muslum nations and have muzlum brotherhood put in charge, remember egypt, yup and the folks there were warning us with large banners about barry and his m.b. ties, yep this is what is called a bloodless coup of our nation, remember in 2010 when the m.b. recieved 2 Billion of our dollars, forgiven the 1.5 billion they owed then recieved 200 m1 abrahm tanks and 20 f-16, how short is our memory. This guy will never take the stand, he will sing too loud, will not be procecuted, will bring attention to barries deeds'



Submitted by Anny Matar, Sep 27, 2015 06:14

It seems futile unless the present administration, which is what it is will stand up and be counted!!! Little will be done. One more voice "blowing in the wind"


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