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UN Chief Criticized Abbas for Incitement 18yo Female Terrorist dies

Submitted by Jack Holan, Sep 22, 2015 16:10

The may seem a harsh punishment however it is meant as a deterrent and punishment Terrorists who fall in action action against us; their bodies should not be returned to the family or PA but buried at a secret location pending the conclusion of negotiations on all issue for a Peace Treaty. This should influence other family members before taking up Arms for terrorist groups when they see the suffering of their parents. It will be a notice what will happen to their family because they won't be able to visit their grave. It may be a long time before their body is returned, maybe after their parents have died never visiting. This double punishishment should not preclude the possibility of demolition. Each stipend paid to a terrorists monthly or survivors of terrorists kale in action; Israel should offset this amount from the taxes collected on the Pas behalf and turned over to them.


Ban ki Moon

Submitted by gary fouse, Sep 22, 2015 15:57

Amazing development. I thought Ban ki Moon had died years ago.


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