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Submitted by Carl Goldberg, Aug 6, 2015 16:04

For an article dealing with the importance of words, it is discouraging to read that "Ummah" is defined as "Arab world". No! "Ummah" is the worldwide Moslem community, most of which is not Arab. There are also many Arabs who are not Moslems and, therefore, not members of the Ummah. Moslems consider their worldwide community, Ummah, to be a nation in every sense of the word. According to the Koran and Muhammad, the Ummah nation is in a constant state of war against non-Moslems until Islam triumphs in the world. Viewing the worldwide Islamic religious community as a nation also explains why apostasy from Islam is considered treason and punishable by death: a Moslem who foresakes Islam is leaving his nation (Ummah) and going over to the enemy camp of non-Moslems. The concept of Ummah as a nation also explains why a religious Moslem cannot be loyal to any country. A Moslem's primary loyalty is always to the Ummah. There are many examples of this phenomenon, of which Nidal Hassan, the Fort Hood mass murderer is a prime example.


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