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What Allies?

Submitted by dbwilliams, Aug 20, 2015 11:06

What is the benefit of getting the UN involved. What would the UN do except possibly pass a "feel good " resolution. I am still wondering who exactly in the middle east are our "allies" as the politicos claim there are?


The genocidal character of Islam

Submitted by Michael Jacobs, Jul 30, 2015 02:49

Condemning the genocidal character of Da'esh attacks on Christian ethnic populations is a step towards recognizing the genocidal character of Islam underneath its flimsy 'religious' cover.


The reaction?

Submitted by Geppetto, Jul 29, 2015 13:31

And the western world including America and their leadership yawns and responds with ridiculous platitudes and denial of the obvious. Obama cuts a deal with the biggest state sponsor of terrorism, Iran, asserts that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam and the fog of deception grows thicker.


The rubric isn't the problem.

Submitted by Pigasus, Jul 29, 2015 12:10

It matters that they aren't being extirpated, not that their extirpation is warranted by genocide in stead of traditional Islamic piracy.


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