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are jihad wannabees capable of rational thought?

Submitted by Eric L, Apr 15, 2015 06:33

I wonder if any such 'jihad wannabees' are capable of learning anything from an example like this guys. He is so clueless he doesn't even realize how lucky he is to have made it out alive. Justice demands this man pay a heavy price, basically along the lines of planning murder. Other than incredible ignorance and stupidity (would you walk off a cliff-knowingly?) it seems such jihad wannabees may not be cabable of rational thought (let alone moral thought).


Latest American Busted

Submitted by gary fouse, Apr 9, 2015 16:36

By Hussam Ayloush's count, that would make between 13-21 American Muslims who have joined ISIS. A better question would be how many American Muslims have gone to Syria or Iraq to fight against ISIS.


Fault Lies With President Obama

Submitted by Kelly Clover, Apr 9, 2015 15:33

I'm not at all surprised that so many Americans are being recruited to join the Islamic militants. President Obama could halt much of this by monitoring what goes on at USA mosques and other Muslim-owned facilities and by closing down any facility that has proven terrorist connections. As long as President Obama persists in appeasing the Muslim lobby instead of protecting our security against dangerous enemies, this is what we can expect.


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