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Obama/internal threats/Gulf Allies

Apr 9, 2015 20:25

I totally agree with the blogger that Obama is a ambassador for Iran. I will go farther and say I think Obama is a traitor to the United States.


The world behaves like the three monkeys

Submitted by THREE MONKEYS, Apr 9, 2015 06:03

Only France stood up to Kerry, the rest followed as sheep to the slaughter and they might have done just that. Countries which have the deterrent called "the bomb" will never use it first, but Iran is a different country compared to others, they support the ISIS (or whichever name they use in Kenya, France etc.) they watch murder, decapitation and all other atrocities committed against another Muslim belief, not to mention Christians, and the "free world"? watches and believes because they don't see, hear and are certainly afraid to speak out, having such large Muslim communities in their own countries! Obama once said that America WAS a Muslim country - he speaks about a continent not just a country- so he is following his convictions as long as in the annals of history he'll be remembered as a "leader of the free world", if there'll be a history after him for it might just be the destruction of the world as we know it.


How Ironic!

Submitted by Eric, Apr 8, 2015 18:47

Obama almost single handedly creates the strife that he is using as an excuse. Did Khadafi need to go? He made good on his promise to get rid of Nuclear Weapons and reimbursed the families of Pan AM Flt. 103.

Did Mubarek need to go to the Muslim Brotherhood?

Is ISIS really a JV team?

Did we need to remove our presence in Iraq? Was it really ready to be on it's own?

DId Obama have to announce that Bashir needed to go?

Why didn't Obama support the pro western uprising in Iran back in 09'?

The disrespect shown to Israel during his entire Presidency borders on insane.

If I were a bystander in the middle east I would certainly say Obama is no friend of the middle east. I would also conclude that Iran must be his best friend!


Obeyme frequently creates a cloud to divert attention

Submitted by FactsRule, Apr 8, 2015 17:22

He repeatedly screws Iran's Sunni enemies, our supposed allies - most recently by promoting Iran's nuclear weapons & delivery program - then changes the subject by commenting on a well-known incendiary elephant in the room of Islamic countries. They enrich the leadership & their families at the expense of the vast majority left in squalor, then blame Israel for all of their woes.
He used this same smoke and mirrors to criticize Scott Walker of what he himself is, a foreign policy ignoramus. But, while he knows that Walker may be somewhat weak on what he hasn't had the opportunity to be involved in, that doesn't mean that he'd be as purposely destructive of the US as is Obeyme.
While Obeyme may seem stupid to some regarding the grave harm he's caused America & our allies worldwide, he know very well that he's destroying civilization on behalf of Islam, which is so obvious to those who've closely watched his every move & statement since 2007.


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