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Europes jews must stand and fight

Submitted by Moe, Apr 2, 2015 17:59

Reading Ms Esmans' article made me angry...not because i disagree w/it...on the contrary, i find it appallingly true. The image of the fearful and cowering Jew one gets from the quotes in her article are so reminiscent of the descriptions of Jews in holocaust Europe...hiding the magen david, removing all signs of Jewish orthodoxy i.e. removing one's kippah after synagogue, skulking in the crevices of darkness to avoid being seen lest one be attacked...many Jews once thought that the creation of Israel had erased that image...but the fascist propaganda of the palestinians and their fellow travelers on both the left and right have become more successful than anyone could have imagined. The aura of the brave and gallant Israeli has not covered the European, African or Arab Jew. Two millennia of slaughter and the holocaust has yet to earn the Jew the right to live in peace and safety...young muslim teenager and youths have no qualms spitting on, throwing rocks at or otherwise attacking those perceived as Jews...just as was common in the days of the pact of Umar a thousand years ago...neither fear nor concern enters their hearts as they curse the Jew....and the Jewish response is to "beg" the gentile authorities to protect them from such hooliganism. The picture one gets from Ms Esman's article and the scores of others like it that are the daily fare of the internet blogoshpere is again the whimpering Jew, afraid to stand and fight on his/her own. Have we learned nothing in 2 millennia?.. "Sally" recognizes that Jews need to learn to protect themselves...yet one must ask the question,...why isn't it obvious to all the Jews outside of Israel(and even there, many Jews cannot defend themselves...they beseech the gov't to do something)? Why isn't every Jewish mother and father training or having their childred trained to defend themselves? Why do we always think that the gentile world will somehow care about us more than we care about ourselves? If we are not willing to stand and fight for ourselves...who will? We know the the one. We are all going to one gets out of this life alive....wouldn't it be better to walk "free" w/o fear in the light of day, then to have to hide who we are...only able to reveal ourselves in the shadows? Apparently to the Danny Pinto's knowing where the exits are, are their only choice..How sad that we seem to believe that being physically alive is enough....


God Bless Anne Frank -- Prooves Liberals are Developmentally Stuck

Submitted by DocReality, Mar 31, 2015 03:21

It would be natural for an adolescent girl trying to make sense of the world amidst genocide that she would close her diary with the belief that people are (still) really good at heart.

As adults, we should be in acceptance that the statement is completely false. People who are really good at heart don't set out to murder other people. Such people are mentally, emotionally and characterologically defective -- many are psychopaths and sociopaths but not always. Some people are also simply evil. The violence itself is also evil, but there are some evil people with varying levels who do not always resort to violence. But how can we conclude that the ones to do become murderers and perpetrators are "still good at heart.?"

They're not.

But liberals always believe differently; they think like Anne Frank did. While it may be acceptable as an adolescent, it is NOT acceptable in adulthood and the reality right now is that we are facing an existential threat. And again, people remain in denial and want to hold onto the "good at heart" theory.

So let's clear the air and point out a few truths for the Jewish community:

1) Hamas is not composed of people who are "still good at heart."

2) ISIS's recruits are not "still good at heart."

3) A mother who hates Jews enough to strap her kid into a suicide bomber vest is not "still good heart."

4) The Iranian Mullahs who make statements about wiping Israel off the map are not "still good at heart."

5) The attacks across Europe against Jews were committed by people who are not "still good at heart."

And based on his actions over his two terms, Barack-Hussein Obama is a man who is not "still good at heart."


Response to Antisemitic attacks on Jews

Submitted by Sally, Mar 30, 2015 17:14

what Jews need most is to devote themselves to combat training so that they can deal on the spot with an attacker or attackers. They should study a system like karate or Jiu jitsu.


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