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Islam is an ideology of deceipt

Submitted by M.C. Elmaoui, Jan 17, 2015 21:26

Michael McGregor hit the nail on the head when he talked about Muslims being allowed to lie in any situation. As an ex-Muslim and scholar, I can say that Islam cannot even be classified as a religion; rather it is an all encompassing ideology which states that all must be subdued either by the word or by the sword. Sadly, awesome western culture has been eroded away by political correctness which has put society in a straight jacket. It is ironic that the very thing that is killing western society is the very thing it will not name.

We have to keep telling the truth to all who will hear it, no matter what! It is my fervent prayer that Muslims who are "reasonable" wake up to the truth about Islam and leave it for a better way of life.


They re not Muslims

Submitted by David, Jan 12, 2015 09:43

they are not muslims if they kill innocent people. they are using the muslim label to get funding. its simple. they are all evil businessmen hiding under the muslim robe.



Jan 9, 2015 21:40

The fool hearted who still tell themselves that this is not Islam, this is a small group outsiders who hijacked the faith, are in Extreme Denial .They are seeing there own ideology crumble in front of there eyes .The progressive left can't figure out what happened . They appease at every corner bowing to the threat feeling sorry for the poor people of Islam. Yet we still have carnage on the innocent in the name of the prophet Muhammad. And the left just can't understand it . So they blame the victim again and again. The ideas of the left come from the western worlds ideals "We love baseball they love death".That's the problem . The left has the answers to everything and the solutions for nothing . When they stop telling themselves they are the smartest people in the room maybe they will get it . Until then they have been out smarted by the wolf in sheep's clothing . It all sounded so good in the facility room ,patting themselves in the back for there brilliance ,and the rest of us not invited to the ivory tower should marvel at the insight they have . The truth is they are more closely related to the extreme than anyone of us . Freedom of speech, sure as long as it is what they feel is correct speech or as long as you denigrate Christians and decent moral values along the way . Lop of a few heads and your misunderstood not violent or insane . Reach for a cops gun and its because your frustrated and not treated fairly . You simply cannot divorce Islam the profit or the Koran from the violence we see all over the world that's a fact. I can't help but feel the Muslims that come out after the carnage and denounce it feel a strong kinship to ones who committed it. When they come for your head because your words didn't appease enough go ahead and talk it out they'll understand . EXTREME DENIAL.


Islamists are liars!

Submitted by Michael McGregor, Jan 9, 2015 19:54

Anyone who has taken the time to study Islam knows that Islamist (muslims) are taught that it is alright to lie and deceive all non-believers until Islam gains the upper hand, them force the non-believers to convert to Islam or die!!! Anyone who claims to be muslim upholds the teachings of the Koran!!! Talk is cheap, especially when you want to deceive your enemies - the problem is - it always has a way of coming back and biting you...!!! Islam is a "religion of crime and hatred, and anyone who wants to defend it is part of the problem!!! People tell me I have to respect their belief - I have to respect NOTHING about them!! They come into MY country and tell me my beliefs; my food; my way of life; my music is an abomination to them, but that I need to respect them?? LIKE HELL!!! My beliefs do NOT include raping children or murdering anyone who disagrees with me!! Islam is a false religion that is based on lies and twisted half-truths, and I refuse to respect anyone who claims to be a part of it!!!


Most Germans did not gas people in concentration camps. To be Charlie hold a cartoon.

Submitted by charlie, Jan 9, 2015 13:02

It does not matter that most of any group do not actively take part in murderous activities. If enough do the violence to keep the majority passive the killers will be successful. The "JE SUIS CHARLIE" posters held by so many in Paris is a lie. You are only Charlie if you display a cartoon, But fear will keep the public and the press from showing the real issue, the images.


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M.C. Elmaoui 

Jan 17, 2015 21:26

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Jan 12, 2015 09:43

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Jan 9, 2015 21:40

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Michael McGregor 

Jan 9, 2015 19:54

Most Germans did not gas people in concentration camps. To be Charlie hold a cartoon. [71 words]


Jan 9, 2015 13:02

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Michael Fox 

Jan 9, 2015 21:09

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Abigail R. Esman 

Jan 9, 2015 12:43

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Russell Thomas 

Jan 9, 2015 12:20

Yes, it does matter! [267 words]


Jan 9, 2015 11:15

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M.C. Elmaoui 

Jan 17, 2015 21:34

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