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I'm with Palestine

Submitted by Will, Jan 12, 2015 05:39

As an impartial white person with the capability to think further than to what the media says, I stand firmly with Palestine against the Israeli's invasion of Palestinian land. While I am grateful that the Israeli government act with morals during the war, I think it is far easier for them to do so when they have more money to put in to war, far superior weapons given to them by the American and British government (though I promise you, this was not something that the British voted for (especially not in all-Muslim Birmingham!)) and a more unified system of government. These things do not make Palestine any less justified in the defense of their land. We had no right to create the state of Israel on Palestinian soil to start with and should not be condoning and certainly not funding, their take over of further land now; be it hostile or otherwise. I think it is immoral of your website to claim to be give factual news without bias and then to immediately and obviously pick a side and treat them with favour. This is obvious from your text where you state that the Palestinian leaders are 'like rats'. It saddens me that there is violence on either side of the fight and I do not wish for any harm to come to anyone however I think that the only moral outcome to this war is for Israel to accept the land that they have as sufficient and end the rapid border expansion that we have seen over the last 50 years. It is about time that we recognised Palestine as an independent country and time for people in the media such as yourself to stop classifying their actions as terrorism. Terrorism is not a word reserved for Islam.


Kudos and thanks

Submitted by Dale Daniels, Jan 5, 2015 14:04

Israel has shown extreme restraint and yet is widely criticized, while P.A. And Hamas get a pass from liberal / left-leaning media. Thank you for setting record straight,


dale DanielsDaniels


Palestine to join ICC

Submitted by Stan Squires, Jan 2, 2015 13:42

I am from Vancouver,Canada and I wanted to say that it is a good idea for Palestine to join the ICC.Since 1948 Israel has committed many war crimes against the Palestinian People and has committed acts of genocide in Gaza on several occasions recently.Israel has never been prosecuted for these crimes and now is the time to do that.


Western leaders are DESTROYING our superior, merciful Western civilization

Submitted by Linda Rivera, Dec 31, 2014 17:52

The Palestinians have received symbolic recognition for their "state" from the parliaments of Britain, Spain, France, Sweden and the EU.

How far and how low Western civilization has fallen that wicked Western leaders finance and support the bloodthirsty PLO/Palestinian Authority/Hamas terrorist organizations who everyone knows, are dedicated to a Second Holocaust of Jews.


PA seeks to join ICC

Submitted by Daniel Soskin, Dec 31, 2014 15:44

This is the height of global absurdity and anti-semitism. The PA with Hamas and Hezballah are committing civilian crimes daily, some of the most brutal since the days of Hitler, with whom the arabs and Grand Mufti admired by the PA and its terrorist affiliates, allied with during WWII to set the stage for creation of Jews in the Middle East. Any ICC endorsement makes a mockery of the ICC, and is not reocgnized by Israel, America and tolerant natons.


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