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Hamas is a very important and useful instrument to use against the State of Israel.

Submitted by Joseph, Dec 20, 2014 13:21

You must admit that Israel responded ONLY after the attacks of the Hamas terrorists. All these innocent victims from Gaza (women and children) you can put on the ACCOUNT of the terrorist organization called Hamas. For sure, their "militants" (who militate ONLY for the destruction of the State of Israel) received weapons and salaries from their brothers who have the 'same ideal'. Also, their being called "militants" in the mass media is a very important logistical support for Hamas. For Hamas the number of Palestinian victims is not important. They want as many victims as possible for a few minutes of images on CNN, BBC etc. For these "militants" Life has no value, but Death, YES!


The duplicity of the European Onion

Submitted by SFTOBEY, Dec 17, 2014 17:55

This is what happens when sovereign nations give up their sovereignty to an un-elected and unaccountable "mega-state" bureaucracy. They now control what - or whom - you can determine is an enemy. Lovely, just lovely. And our globalist oligarch "masters" want the United States to become part of this circle jerk? Sorry. Not just no, but HELL NO! (Remember the SPP? It has not died. It - and all of the relevant "working groups" - have simply "gone underground".)


Hamas - Terrorist Organization

Dec 17, 2014 13:49

I suppose the next European Court agenda item is to nominate ISIS (ISIL), Al-Qaeda, and the Taliban for the next Nobel Peace Prize. And while they're at it, give an unconditional pardon to Hezbollah.


Who won the cold war?

Submitted by Dieter, Dec 17, 2014 12:58

hamas is not terrorist. Somali pirates have to be paid compensation. European and now even the US border seems to have been demolished, the only secure border in Europe is Russia's. And you say the West won against the very communism that's now ruling triumphantly.


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