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As The Screw Turns

Submitted by Michael Fox, Nov 10, 2014 20:24

Democracy moves slowly. The government of Israel makes bold pronouncements about how it won't tolerate .....yada, yada yada.

How long will the government of Israel wait to take strong action to protect Jewish Israeli citizens? The leadership of the Palestinians has incited the Arabs to kill Jews. A state of emergency needs to be declared . Arrests, deportations and destruction of terrorists homes NOW. Hamas is Fatah is the PA. The unannounced Arab intifada has begun.

Message to Israeli Palestinians. Collaboration with the enemy of Israel is an act of treason. Conviction will result in jail, deportation, the appropriation of your property and destruction of your home.. Pass an emergency bill in the Knesset. DO IT NOW. ISRAEL

A Palestinian State on the border of Israel??? Never.

Stay tuned....this is just the beginning..


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