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problematic piece

Submitted by Abigail, Nov 6, 2014 11:31

I continue to have issues with this piece, for which there is no evidence to support the very basic premise on which it is built. Yes, the Dutch show films to prospective immigrants. But psychometrics have nothing to do with that -- unless the author of this piece is somehow privy to some highly classified information. And if that is so, it would be good to get some -- however vague -- evidence of that information.


utter nonsense

Submitted by delta mike, Nov 5, 2014 19:46

What psychometric nonsense! To think they can run these Jihadis through a psychological program and "de-Jihadiize" them is a self-delusion of major proportion. Again, most secular governments in Europe refuse to consider the religious aspect, (oh, we don't do the "God thing" as they say) and completely miss the point.



Submitted by TRUTH SEEKER, Nov 5, 2014 10:21

The woman and her supporters are dishonest and manipulative persons, you should deport her instead of accomodate this liar and nonsense so that others can respect your American system and values


Pie-in-the-sky ideas gets us deeper into trouble

Nov 3, 2014 20:15

Esam Sohail is a idealist that hasn't the foggiest idea of the strength of the radical ideology he is dealing with.


Urgent need of immigration reform

Submitted by Nighthawk, Nov 3, 2014 19:17

The first and second generations of immigrants should be denied citizenship and be on probation. If the family line shows their suitability to this country, then the third generation should have access to citizenship. If these immigrants shows sign of criminality or extremism or if they have large families they should be deported.

The big family low job-creation life style that creates millions of young men without jobs and, hence, massive violence is a big enough threat to civilization when its locus is in the Third World. It has no place in civilized countries. Its use to out breed native westerners and create the basis for sharia should be obvious.

The spectacle of Muslim immigrants who we are much better off without raging against the West is an obscenity and should have evoked enough outrage long ago to force structural changes in our immigration laws.


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problematic piece [76 words]


Nov 6, 2014 11:31

utter nonsense [50 words]

delta mike 

Nov 5, 2014 19:46



Nov 5, 2014 10:21

Pie-in-the-sky ideas gets us deeper into trouble [21 words]


Nov 3, 2014 20:15

  Pie is the Sky [17 words]


Nov 6, 2014 21:36

Urgent need of immigration reform [145 words]


Nov 3, 2014 19:17

Why we need need immigration [170 words]


Nov 3, 2014 16:50

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