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Agree Completely with Dafna

Submitted by FactsRule, Oct 21, 2014 05:39

Except, to clarify for you & Dr. Berko, almost all UNRWA workers ARE Hamas.
I, too, was shocked disappointed with Dr. Berko's disconnect between his conclusion & the content he'd just written.
There was one statement I question in the article. I don't think that Israel has nothing against the so-called Palestinian people. Perhaps the coward traitor, Netanyahu, who supports them more than his own country has nothing against them. But, I'd bet most Israelis have had enough of 47 years of attacks killing, injuring, & dispossessing hundreds of thousands of innocent people to say that they certainly have plenty against them. Israelis are under attack daily!
It would seem to me, to be openly honest, that the author is an elitist in an ivory tower, like Netanyahu, who is content to watch untold numbers of innocent Israelis continue to be murdered & injured while he continues cheer-leading for the overwhelmingly genocidal existential threat to Israel known as of late as the Palestinians; or, more accurately, Arab Muslims.


Waste of Space

Submitted by Dafna Yee, Oct 16, 2014 07:02

I'm sorry to say this after reading Dr. Berko's excellent article about Qatar and Hamas, but that last paragraph was a total waste of space. There is absolutely no hope at all of a disarmament of Hamas or the establishment of an honest mechanism to make sure that that the billions of dollars go to helping the Gazans and not directly to Hamas as they always have done!! Of course they will be diverted to rebuild Hamas' terrorist infrastructure and terror tunnels UNRWA officials will continue to look the other way when their buildings and schools are used to store and shoot rockets and teach Hamas propaganda!!! There is not the slightest question that these things will not happen so it's ridiculous for Dr. Berko to talk about them and hope in his concluding paragraph!!


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