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To stop the next U.S. beheading

Submitted by Larry Shapiro, Oct 6, 2014 09:26

While Nolen picked a particularly gruesome method to kill his coworkers at Vaughn Foods, there have been hundreds of other workplace revenge incidents when non-Muslim bring guns to their former workplace and kill as many people as they can. This is not an exclusive Muslim problem. It is in fact an American cultural problem that drives unstable, rejected men to kill their families, or their coworkers before turning the guns on themselves.


CAIR Islamophobia agenda & Obama's prohibition in associting terrorism & Islam

Submitted by Billie H, Vincent, Oct 6, 2014 08:58

Your comments do not acknowledge the actions of former FBI Director Mueller, former DoD Secretary Panetta, and former NYC Mayor Bloomberg in terminating their programs on militant and radical Islam at the behest of CAIR's Islamophobia agenda; and President Obama's prohibition of associating "Terrorism" with "Islam". The question I am posing is: Did the termination of these three programs, and Obama's prohibition, result in a failure of the authorities mentioned in your article to follow the programs mentioned? Did you do any investigation on this possibility? BHV - Author, AVSEC, C-T, & ATC/ATM.


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