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Trusting Arabs in the Israeli Military

Submitted by Boruch Hoffman, Sep 21, 2014 17:21

I personally would be very wary and cautious. If I had the choice I doubt I would want any Arabs, Bedouins,etc. in 'The IDF.'


Remember the 'Hebron Pogrom of 1929?' What happened? Their 'Mufti' lied and said that the Zionists are bombing 'Har HaBayit.' The Arabs rioted and murdered Jews. One Yiddish speaking Arab employee of a Jewish business, murdered his boss.

This story tells a lot.

The Moselm Arab has many motivations to kill: Nationalism..they think 'Eretz Yirsrel' is theirs and we took it ruthlessly without rights . Robbery. 'Esav Hates Jacob. We are 'infidels,' etc.


Our war is not against flesh and blood

Submitted by Chavoux, Sep 7, 2014 10:58

Terrorism aims to create fear (by the "enemies") and hate (against the "enemies"). Until we learn that the war is not simply to overpower them by firepower, but to win their "friendship base", e.g. those "moderate" muslims who still support the radicals, we will be fighting a losing battle. Until we learn that guerilla warfare (including terrorism) aims at the hearts and minds, rather than short-term military power, we will only create more enemies. We have to demonstrate that terrorism does not scare us, convince those friendly towards the terrorists that we are not the demons we are portrayed as _and_ that we are stronger military than the terrorists. Unless we do all three, the terrorists will keep on growing stronger. This is why Mao Tse Dong won, because the nationalist failed in all three of these aspects.


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