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Liar, Liar Pants On Fire

Submitted by Michael Fox, Aug 19, 2014 18:16

There is not much that one can count on amidst the boiling chaos that defines the middle-east. The blurred line between fact and fantasy waivers under the heat of the desert sun. It is a land illusion and confusion. Grandiose poetry and Story telling permeates the Arab culture where the news media is tightly controlled by generations of family run oligarchy's. Fictional hero's are created out of thin air to bolster a downtrodden population surviving on a spoon-fed diet of dreams and mirage. And then there is the Koran. The Koran that offers its adherents a safety net for the sin of lying if it is done to support or further the cause of Islam.

So Hamas will report to its minions who have barely subsisted under their authoritarian and corrupt rule, that they have, thanks be to G-d, slain Goliath....again. "Keep your eyes on the prize," they will spin. "The sun sets on Israel and rises on Palestine. Don.t look around you. Don't see your home reduced to rubble, rather see your sons who are now martyred and dance in heaven."

Stories and flowery poems for the children of ignorance. A continuum of lies built on a sturdy foundation of larger lies.....all to perpetuate dominance, power and control..

Hamas just broke another cease fire.. I'm shocked. How many lies is that now, i have lost count. The good news for Hamas is that President Obama guarantees any peace document Israel signs will be honored. I am sure Israeli's are sleeping a lot more comfortably these days remembering the words of this loyal and steadfast President, who has referred to Israel as a great ally of the US, a best friend and the only democracy in the Arab middle-east...... "that he has Israel's back."


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