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stop the killing in iraq of christians

Submitted by why do not UNO stop the innocent christians killing, Aug 12, 2014 19:00

plz atack on the Iraqi Dogs they are killing our christians women and raped them and killing the childrens ...my God help them through the chrsitian forces ...i request ti the super power attack over them and escape the christian people


Long overdue & too late

Submitted by Geppetto, Aug 12, 2014 17:00

This Christian genocide being committed by Orthodox Muslims in the Middle East especially, and elsewhere where Muslims have a significant presence, is not new news for anyone that has not had their head in the sand since the first World Trade Center attack in 1993. These Vatican Advocates are to a great extent responsible for the global ignorance surrounding these atrocities, an inattentive posture shared by western governments and media who've succumbed to the politically correct pressure put on them by Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR, ISNA, IIIT, MSA, MAS, etc., etc. and the generally benign view of Islam these groups have very successfully created.

Warning bells have been sounding with increasing volume and frequency from individuals and groups that the aforementioned Brotherhood organizations have successfully labeled as Islamophobes, equivalent to psychotic Atheists who should not be tolerated and must be ignored as a lunatic fringe. Despite all of the atrocities that have and are being committed by Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas, Boko Haram, etc. Muslims all, steeped in a strict interpretation of the Quran and Hadiths, it is not until the advent of ISIS/ISIL now the IS Caliphate, their blatantly horrific acts of violence and brutality and open threats to plant their black flag over the White House does the world even begin to consider that so called radical Islam might not be a threat manufactured by religious bigots but a very real threat characterized by all the acts of violence the west still finds so difficult to believe could exist in the modern world.

These advocates are a welcome, long overdue and much needed voice on the world stage with regard to this threat but would it not be of interest to know who they expect to face this threat head on? The U. S. military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan will fail abysmally because of an inability to make an accurate determination so absolutely necessary to achieve victory in any military engagement, exactly who is the enemy? Iraq is now falling apart. Afghanistan will likely follow when Obama fulfills his promised troop withdrawal.

These fanatics will never be defeated by rules of engagement that use the most powerful and capable military on the planet as social service workers who're focused on wining the hearts and minds of a culture that has nothing but contempt for a western culture they deem as inferior, decadent and evil incarnate.

So who will confront this rising tide of Muslim fanatics now? Whoever steps up, and some will definitely need to, will face a much, much more difficult task because the west did its very best to avoid this conflict which history will determine to be a much bigger blood bath because of that posture of appeasement.


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