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Stop with this

Submitted by XxX, May 4, 2015 15:27

None of you know this guy. He's a kind, friendly person who has devoted his youngest years to helping his people. He's literally been tortured to support his belief in freedom and well-being of Syrians. You focus on these things he said, take them out of context, and judge his character based on that, instead of how hard he's working to make people's lives better. Shame on all of you.


Why is he still here?

Submitted by tk, Jun 24, 2014 11:30

Why is this man still in our Country? He clearly is a jihadist, but I guess he fits right in with the current administration, because they are too!


Idiots and Radical. Is there nothing else?

Submitted by A.T. Halmay, Jun 20, 2014 13:13

When will American politicians and their devotees learn that Islam and Democracy simply don't mix. Muslims have contempt for Democracy and if we continue to install in the White House idiots of the caliber of Bush and lunatic scoundrels like Obama, most of us will develop contempt for Democracy, too.


Muslim "fighters"

Submitted by Geppetto, Jun 20, 2014 12:35

".......... Thousands of Jews from all around the world enroll in the Israeli army, but when Muslim fighters go to fight in another Muslim country to defend the land, the people, and the Religion, then all what we hear about is how dangerous is the risk of the foreign fighters."

No, all we hear about, if we're listening, is the atrocities committed by these "Muslim fighters" as they "defend the land and the people."

These attempts to compare the Muslim butchers he calls "fighters" with the IDF would be pathetic if not taken so seriously by western media who remain clueless in their ignorance despite the volumes of evidence readily available to anyone with a computer, access to the internet and a modicum of interest in the facts.


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