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What mosque did this guy learn Islam at?

Submitted by Ayatrollah, Jun 28, 2014 10:22

I have looked around to see what mosque he was involved with. But there is no mention of it. I'm sure the police are on it. It only makes sense to look into it.


Texas Men charged Terror Support

Submitted by Barbara griffith, Jun 18, 2014 23:25

None of this should surprise anyone that has been following and seeing the changes that have been taking place in our country for years. A country can't keep its doors open forever to the third world and not expect terrorists to come through them.. I hope this government has sense enough to refuse reentry for the newly minted terrorists when they try to return to the US . That is what the UK is doing, not that it will help them much with their country loaded down with Muslims that they have allowed to immigrate for the past 2 decades or more.


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