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Submitted by Lordes, May 30, 2014 15:09

I greatly appreciate IPT's ad in the NYT. However, I must say this article here is naive. Does IPT seriously think that Jalabi or any other of the jihadists trying to advance their cause by infiltrating the media will be bothered with facts about the HLF trial? Trying to educated them is pointless. Also, 99% of muslims will side with the extremists against everyone else when push comes to shove. After all, they follow the same religion which commands muslims to do what the islamists do all the time: wage war against unbelievers or burn in hell. So always pointing out that 1% of muslims (which are not even muslims) is nonsensical. There's no good muslims just like there's no good nazis.

And in case IPT hasn't noticed yet: the jihadists are infiltrating the media: Hollywood via MPAC, the news with people such as Jalabi, the governments with their minions such as Ellison etc. Also, there's several former MSA, CAIR etc. infiltrators in the state department and elsewhere whose names I have but the IPT has never mentioned.


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