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Response to Bratton/Miller's comments about gathering intelligence

Submitted by Jim, May 14, 2014 11:52

As a long-term police official and part-time professor, I fully agree with Chief Bratton's assessment about the proactive approach regareding the collecting of important information from arrestees regardingother potential criminal activity. We've been doing that since organized police forces were formed. Prior to 9-11, nineteen foreign and future hi-jackers were traveling all over the U.S. and many had contact with law enforcement. Mohammad Atta got a speeding ticket prior to the hi-jacking. The world has changed. Extremists seek to do harm to this great nation because we are a roadblock to extremist Islamist goals. I worked detectives for years and always tried to ask about other crimes a perpetrator might have committed or had knowledge of--it's called "doing your job"!! Get off of NYPD's back. We've thwarted over 65 transnational terror attacks since 9/11 because of aggressive and proactive law enforcement. I might add that Ed is living in a fantasy land--Ed obviously has never worked the streets or has a clue about those who protect Americans day in and day out.


Excellent response

Submitted by Geppetto, May 13, 2014 15:42

These gentlemen, Bratton and Miller, get it and responded the way all challenges from the Journalists who align themselves with Muslim Brotherhood organizations, should be responded to. It is not the critics of the Muslim Brotherhood and the ongoing Jihad around the world that need to be marginalized it is they who need to be exposed as the Jihad front groups they are.

It is happening. Watch yesterday (5/12/14) evenings Kelly File. She interviewed Dr. Aayan Hirsi Ali and they openly discussed the Boko Haram incident in the CAR, this groups theological roots and the role of Islam in promoting terror around the world with particular emphasis from Dr Ali on its inherent misogynistic aspects. As a former, young, Muslim girl who suffered genital mutilation and lives under a Fatwa (a Muslim death threat) Dr Ali, labeled an "Islamophobe" by CAIR, knows what she's talking about.


In a sane world...

Submitted by Ed, May 13, 2014 15:23

A sane world would free Snowden and arrest, try, jail, and hang the treasonous NY Times cadre.


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