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Good News Indeed

Submitted by H, May 24, 2014 08:50

My esteemed prior commentor is free to express any view. I want to remind readers that without the cooperation of the US government, Israel would be hard pressed if at all capable, to perform these feats of modern magic. So I would hesitate to put down President Obama as "incompetent" and "disrespected". He has the support of over half the US population, has kept the US out of unnecessary wars, stopped the lying about WMD's, and enabled the US economy to recover. All this notwithstanding a deliberate obstructionist policy by the opposition, obstructionist to the point of disloyalty to the country and We The People.


Good news

Apr 22, 2014 17:19

This is good to hear but not surprising given Israel's determination to remain self reliant. The U.S., my home country, can no longer be relied on for any military support and the growing level of anti-Semitism throughout the world indicates that the chance of any military support in either boots on the ground, weaponry or financial aid to be little to none.

It is fervently hoped that if Israel should have to take on Iran and the Middle East on its own that the west will be forced to assist to avoid being thoroughly marginalized and humiliated; the position it now holds given the collapse of foreign policy under a President that is totally incompetent and disrespected at home and abroad. Not to mention that he has made it no secret that his preferred alliance is with the Mullahs.

Best wishes to Israel but this is an awful lot of weight on this fierce but tiny nations shoulders; the only true democracy in the Middle East, surrounded by malevolent neighbors who hope to swallow it whole.


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