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The blessings of the sharia law

Apr 2, 2014 17:52

This good, old Sharia law is the best tool tyrans have to oppress their citizens into total submission.



Submitted by Brian, Apr 1, 2014 12:53

How can we be surprised at the hypocrisy of Hamas and the other terrorist groups. Even in the UK, the fundamentalists want Sharia Law, and the bloody stupid lawyers are even having courses to train themselves into proceeding cases under Sharia, just to placate the Muslims. Only the UK, governed by an inept David Cameron hasn't the guts to say the obvious like the Aussies. "No one forced you to come here, but if you stay you live by our rules and code of conduct." Is it any wonder Christians are fleeing Islamic countries and settle in...that terrible racist, cruel country...ISRAEL?


It Is The Will of Allah

Submitted by Rex, Mar 28, 2014 23:27

Nothing happens unless it's the Will of Allah. If Muslims must kill each other...well... ok. It's the Will of Allah.


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