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Islam gives you freedom after the day of Resurrection

Submitted by white muslim, Aug 19, 2014 08:24

Dear People, Many have misunderstood Islam, There are some rules in Islam which might look stringent and strict, But that's better for mankind to follow and its for their good(if you believe), Human beings will be free to do whatever they want after their death in Heaven, after Resurrection(If you believe) If you don not believe in Resurrection, then you may live as you like.



Submitted by myron, Mar 28, 2014 19:24

My thoughts on the solution is that the Muslims should go back to the middle east country they came from to have it their way.; The primeminister in Australia told his Muslim population that they had the right to come there and they also had the right to leave because they would not except the culture in that country. They are trying to convert all other countries to Islam, that way most of the world would submit to Islam.


What if I want...

Submitted by Faust, Mar 22, 2014 03:07

to see the art that is offensive to Muslims? Don't I have a right to view it?


Neil, you r wrong

Submitted by Edina Chang, Mar 20, 2014 19:47

Democracy is not incompatible with religion. But only Islam is. Not all religions are equal, not all cultures are equal. Our democracy was initially founded and based on Christian principles. Don't confuse your hatred for religions with democracy and Islam. Everything Esman said is spot on! We are faced with islamization and we do absolutely nothing to counter this extreme evil which attacks our way of life under the guise of multi-cultures and political correctness.


I see you...

Submitted by Neil, Mar 18, 2014 10:34

I am from Australia and the concerns raised in this article echo those in my own country. The upshot of it all is that there is no common ground between religion and democracy. Any religion. Religion represents submission, ignorance, bigotry, violence and slavery. Democracy represents freedom; Freedom of choice, freedom of expression, scientific advancement, freedom to agree, freedom to disagree, life choices. Shall I go on? Oh, and I almost forgot. Religion wants your money. All of it. Every cent!


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Islam gives you freedom after the day of Resurrection [65 words]

white muslim 

Aug 19, 2014 08:24

democracy [79 words]


Mar 28, 2014 19:24

What if I want... [17 words]


Mar 22, 2014 03:07

Neil, you r wrong [75 words]

Edina Chang 

Mar 20, 2014 19:47

I see you... [80 words]


Mar 18, 2014 10:34

/esman does it againW [27 words]


Mar 13, 2014 21:41

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